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This week's pre-sales start Wednesday Jan. 22 at 10AM local and ends Thursday Jan 23 at 9AM local.

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2014 Slayer/Suicidal/Exodus

09 May, 2014Salt Lake CityUTUSThe Great SaltairENDEDTickets
10 May, 2014DenverCOUSFillmoreENDEDTickets
11 May, 2014BillingsMTUSShrineENDEDTickets
13 May, 2014Kansas CityMOUSUptown TheaterENDEDTickets
15 May, 2014St. LouisMOUSThe PageantENDEDTickets
16 May, 2014MilwaukeeWIUSEagles BallroomENDEDTickets
17 May, 2014ColumbusOHUSRock On the RangeNATickets