NEW SHOW ADDED - November 11, Fox Theater in Oakland.The fan club pre-sales start Wednesday July 30 at 10AM and ends ThursdayJuly 31 at 5PM local.

To participate in this week's pre-sales as a member of the you will need to log in and instructions will be displayed on this Tour page.

If you are not a member of the Slayer Fan Club but would like to join and participate in the pre-sales and other paid membership benefits, here are the membership details .

Please see the updated FAQs for questions.

2014 Slayer/Suicidal/Exodus (Nov. & Dec. dates)

01 November, 2014Oklahoma CityOKUSBricktown Events CenterENDEDENDED
11 November, 2014OaklandCAUSFox TheatreENDEDENDED
12 November, 2014OaklandCAUSFox TheatreENDEDENDED
14 November, 2014Los AngelesCAUSForumENDEDENDED
15 November, 2014PhoenixAZUSComerica TheatreENDEDENDED
18 November, 2014AustinTXUSACL LiveENDEDENDED
19 November, 2014DallasTXUSVerizon TheatreENDEDENDED
21 November, 2014ORLANDOFLUSHard Rock CafeENDEDENDED
22 November, 2014ATLANTAGAUSTabernacleENDEDENDED
23 November, 2014CharlotteNCUSThe FillmoreENDEDENDED
25 November, 2014AlbanyNYUSArmoryENDEDENDED
26 November, 2014BethlehemPAUSSandsENDEDENDED
28 November, 2014WorcesterMAUSPalladiumENDEDENDED
29 November, 2014MontclairNJUSWellmont TheatreENDEDENDED
30 November, 2014PhiladelphiaPAUSTower TheaterENDEDENDED
02 December, 2014ClevelandOHUSThe AgoraENDEDENDED
04 December, 2014IndianapolisINUSThe Egyptian Room at Old National CentreENDEDENDED
05 December, 2014DetroitMIUSThe FillmoreENDEDENDED